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One Degree at Ellwood House 16 by Windthin One Degree at Ellwood House 16 by Windthin
Being the utter lunatic I am, I went out in 1 degree weather to get pictures of Ellwood House while the snow was pristine and still falling. And that's one degree before wind chill, which there was plenty of.

Ellwood House is a Victorian-era mansion erected by one of the major founding families of DeKalb, the Ellwoods. The first Ellwood was one of the famed barbed wire barons.

This is NOT Ellwood House. This playhouse used by the children of the second generation of Ellwoods to live here began life as a parade float, crafted by a carpenter to showcase the many styles and techniques he had mastered. The children loved it so that the Ellwoods bought it and had it moved into their back yard, where they furbished it for their kids.

It was SO cold that my small camera DIED after a few shots. It looks like the batteries were going, and the cold just killed them the rest of the way. I had to break out my big camera, and it began to have problems focusing and keeping up after a bit. My mustache was solid by the time I got inside the gift store and visitor center in back to thaw out.

I took several pictures of the house itself, and many more with myself in them. In these pictures I am wearing my Guitars and Gears Army Coat ( [link] ), Navy Blue Vest with Bronzewood Buttons ( [link] ), Purple-Bronze Goggles with amber lenses ( [link] ), Steampunk Stetson with Blue Leather and Copper Hatband ( [link] ), and, visible in a few shots, my Steampunk Pocket Compass ( [link] ) and silver bracelet watch.

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