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The Barbed Baron 1 by Windthin The Barbed Baron 1 by Windthin
This is part of a series of five pictures featuring my new character for our Changeling: The Lost LARP chronicle: The Barbed Baron. The character is rooted in local history: I live in DeKalb, Illinois, the birthplace of modern barbed wire and home of the famous Barbed-Wire Barons, who founded many local institutions including Northern Illinois University.

The hat originally came with simple pale thread, a brown leather cord and the rings you see here. I removed the cord and went over most of the stitchwork again, by hand, with copper and gold thread, then re-strung the brass rings with red and copper leather cords, added the copper leaf in the front, a pair of copper brads in the back to hold it together... and the wire. The barbed wire I crafted by hand using copper and gold German-style wire, and it was indeed sharp enough that I pricked a finger on one of the barbs, so blood went into the making of this hat.

The monocle I made the same way, with a piece of plexiglass used as the lens. If it looks a bit rough that's intentional, as the character is supposed to be a fearsome entity.

The brass armband was originally a hall-hanging I re-purposed as an armlet; I have another I wear on my high as part of the character's armor. You will also notice the goblin-face pin, to which I've added the gold sword, fitting as my character is from an entitlement called the Barony of the Lesser Ones, noted for dealing with hobgoblins and hedge beasts.

This is the first of five pictures in this set.
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