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Steampunk Stetson - Blue Leather + Copper Hatband by Windthin Steampunk Stetson - Blue Leather + Copper Hatband by Windthin
I have a number of stetsons in my collection that I never wear much. That's going to change, though, as I've started to remove the dull old hatbands and replace them with new ones I've made. For this one, I took a piece of blue scrap leather and trimmed it, then made it so that I could adjust the size via a slit I put into one end. I found a nice chain with gear-like links and used brads punched through the leather to hold them in place, and modified an iron-on patch to use as a crest and centerpiece, also held in place by brads. I kind of consider this one my sky marshal stetson. The upper edges of the leather were left a bit rough on purpose, to give it that rugged, worn look. Lastly, a coating of suede and leather protector was applied, necessary for a hat that will be worn in inclement weather.

This is also one of the first things I've made since writing my essay on the use of colors and metals in steampunk fashion ( ). I made use of contrasting colors, the copper and browns working with the blue leather. Incidentally, I am amazing you don't see more blue used in Steampunk, as it was such a staple of military uniforms and weaponry.

Navy Trooper Hat with Blue Leather and Copper Band by Windthin Leather Horseshoe Hatband on Brown Stetson by Windthin Gray Top Hat with Blue Leather and Copper Hatband by Windthin Aussie Hat with Blue Leather and Copper Hatband by Windthin 

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amazing hat and the steampunk gogles!!
Windthin Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Professional General Artist
Thanks! The goggles are another fun creation of mine, and have proven useful recently with the bad weather we've had!
lol always prepar my friendXD
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December 20, 2012
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