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Steampunk Cowboy 19 by Windthin Steampunk Cowboy 19 by Windthin
I'm learning more and more about my cameras, picking up little tricks to make them work that much better. Still they can be frustrating. My Sanyo can be set to a timer delay, but the button is very touchy and has to be pressed just right to start it. For these pictures I set it to take bursts of 3; if I didn't get into position in time for the first, I'd at least get two good ones out of each time. This also was great for creating some animations, though working outside could mean some shifting light due to the clouds.

These pictures were taken on the grounds around the Haish Memorial Library in DeKalb, Illinois. This first batch were done around the Children's Garden. Featured are my new Steampunk Stetson ( [link] ), first Cthulhu War Medal ( [link] ), Black Crystal Choker (worn as an accent at the throat beneath the collar) ( [link] ), Steampunk Pocket Compass ( [link] ), Black Music Man Jeans ( [link] ), The Barbed Baron's Harmonica (being removed from my vest pocket here) ( [link] ), and Green Goggles ( [link] ).
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GrumpySkeleton Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Student General Artist
Awesome =D
I am a fan of steampunk stuff, not so much cowboys though. But you have put them together to make AWESOMENESS
I want me a pair of those goggles =w=
Windthin Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Professional General Artist
Make 'em! I did! You'd be surprised what you can do with a pair of costume glasses, an old belt, some metallic thread, flat gold wire, and copper and gold leaf pens!
GrumpySkeleton Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Student General Artist
At the risk of sounding like a complete idiot...what is a gold leaf pen?
Windthin Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Professional General Artist
What it sounds like. It's not actually gold usually, but metallic paint. There are several ways to add metallic leafing to objects, and kits you can get, including gold, silver, and copper leaf pens. I recommend RustOleum over Krylon, as they always seem to dry out on me eventually.
GrumpySkeleton Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Student General Artist
Thanks =D
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November 24, 2012
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