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Steampunk Army Coat: Guitars and Gears by Windthin Steampunk Army Coat: Guitars and Gears by Windthin
I have this army coat I picked up from the thrift stores that looked so new, I thought it practically was. Then I checked the stock number and discovered it's older than I am! Apparently this green wool gabardine coat was made in 1973; given how useful a wool coat would have been in Vietnam, a lot of them wound up going right into storage. Add to that that these coats were made to last and it really does look good for an old coat.

I decided to do some alterations. Nothing that would ruin the coat itself. I had once thought about changing out the buttons, but not now. Instead, I took a pin and earring set and made decorations. I sewed together some felt epaulets, decorating them with the two intricate silvery guitar ear rings (after I removed the backs), added some nice gear-themed chain, and put the pin on the lapel. Voila. The epaulets can be removed, and the pin, so if I want to I can make others to swap out for many different looks!

3-17-13 UPDATE: I've added a couple of elements, as you can see here. Epaulets for the straps on the arms plus a patch, which is still completely removable, held on only by the pin. Also, these go really well with my black music man jeans (… ).

11-18-13 UPDATE: The thread holding the two guitars onto the epaulets was getting worrisomely loose, so I pulled it out and replaced it with wire wrapped around a pair of brads.  I also added a wire frame to the patch and wired it into place, as I've had problems with it coming off.

Steampunk Army Coat Update by Windthin

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joepfish Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013
Nice work. You're definitely on to something. Looks like it has loops for a pistol belt too. Is that American?
Windthin Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Professional General Artist
It is. One of my favorite features is that you can reach in through the pockets into the lining itself, to keep your hands warm or even retrieve something from a pants pocket without opening the coat up.
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January 23, 2013
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