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Gourdon and Zuccia Pumpkinhead 3 by Windthin Gourdon and Zuccia Pumpkinhead 3 by Windthin
My pumpkinhead costume was such a big hit last year that I took it even further this year and made Rachel her own as well.  They went over extremely well; we spent two hours walking around downtown Sycamore, making parents and kids smile and getting stopped constantly for pictures.  Then we walked down to the parade, getting stopped often on the way again and even invited into one man's home for everybody to see!  He invited us back later, but we were too exhausted after the parade, where we wound up very popular, and Rachel had to eat before work.

We fully intend to be back in the parade and wandering about next year, happily celebrating the Pumpkin Festival.

These pictures were taken today in front of the DeKalb Public Library. The photoshoot went well, though ended in tragedy when my camera tripod fell over and I broke both it and my pants trying to save it.  My pants can be fixed, but I fear my camera might be too far gone, as the case for the viewscreen cracked and now it lights up but remains blank.  I can still take pictures, but I cannot see what I am doing or make complex adjustments.  I am holding out some hope of getting it fixed, but Canon doesn't service the powershot G6 any longer.

Full Photo Set.

Featured on these costumes:

Steampunk Storm Goggles
Chainmail Filaree Flower Barette/Pin
Brass-Fitted Green Corduroy Pants
Adjustable Copper and Leather Hat Band
Steampunk Brass-Fitted Boots
Steampunk Arm and Leg Bands
Steampunk Brass Knuckles Glove
Gold Vest with Gold Bamboo Buttons
The Barbed Baron's Glove
Steampunk Pocket Compass

Here are pictures from the parade, and last year:

The Pumpkinheads
Gourdon Pumpkinhead
Gourdon Pumpkinhead 2012

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