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Five of Seven by Windthin Five of Seven by Windthin
This is five of our flock of seven. In the middle are our three female budgies, Winter, Dandy, and Bruce. To either side is Luna, a female cinnamon, and Maui, who loves to whistle the Star Wars Imperial March.
Olaffles Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i have a few questions.

one: do cockatiels make good pets?
Two: how can yah tell if its male or female?
three: Are they loud?
Four: Can they live with parakeets?
Five: Are they easy to care for?
Sorry for the questions, i'm trying to get my mum to let me have a cockatiel, but after having parakeets when i was young(i wasn't a good pet owner then) she isn't to keen to have more birds.
Windthin Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Professional General Artist
1) Yes, they do. They're very flock-oriented, so they'll fixate on you and demand attention, so expect a companion.

2) Well, when normally-colored the males have yellow faces and crests. With mutations it can be more difficult sometimes, but behavior can help, as males tend to be more vocal.

3) They can be, but so can any bird. I've grown used to it, though.

4) Yes. In fact, we have 3 cockatiels and 4 parakeets, and as you can see they co-exist decently. Sometimes they get along sometimes they avoid or chase each other, but parakeets can generally hold their own. You do want to keep separate cages for them when they're sleeping and so on, but when ours are out they share a common territory.

5) Yes. A cockatiel can live to be 20 or more. You want to change their food and water regularly, and papers, but overall they're no less difficult to care for than a dog or cat, and probably easier on some levels. You DO have to be careful about things like flying (we trim our birds' wings) and their habits of wandering and chewing things; we've had 'tiels get injured that way. The key is to always know where your 'tiels are when they're not locked up.

I don't mind the questions at all. We love our flock, and have learned how to bond with them. It's key to remember that they're not mammals, so they have some different reactions, but they still can love you with all their hearts.
Olaffles Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
okay thanks:)
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