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Customizable Purple-Bronze Goggles by Windthin Customizable Purple-Bronze Goggles by Windthin
I've been wanting a pair of goggles with amber lenses, and I found something even better: a pair with switchable lenses. These started out as a pair of Bugeyes by Bobster, with clear, smoky, and amber lenses. Because I could remove the lenses, I was able to use spray enamel on these. I've discovered that enamels meant for model cars work wonders for many projects, and here I used a Dark Bronze Metallic 1968 (M) and Plymouth Prowler Purple Metallic PH7 in layers to get this nice effect. The band started out as a hat band for one of the Stetsons I've revamped; I used the enamels on it as well, then a layer of acrylic sealant (also used on the goggles), and likewise painted the buckle that came originally with the goggles, then used copper thread to sew it all together and make it nice and adjustable. Thanks to the padding, these fit snugly but comfortably over my glasses. They've already proven themselves; I had to wear them out in a pretty nasty, windy, rainy winter weather recently (hence the picture with them on my gray tophat still damp from the rain). The lenses also came with a nice case I can easily attach to my belt or slip into a coat pocket if I need to change them out, but I may make myself something slimmer.

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TheCrimsonCrow Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013
Cool! I never would have thought of using model car paint, what a great idea!
Windthin Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Professional General Artist
Oh yeah. The neat thing about them is they come in a lot of nice colors and are often semi-translucent so if you work it right you can layer them and get interesting effects. They're not so good on flexible things often, but worked alright on fabric and you can use an acrylic sealant.
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