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Crown of the Winter Queen by Windthin Crown of the Winter Queen by Windthin
My wife's LARP character, Owl, claimed the Winter Crown in our Changeling: The Lost chronicle. Naturally, she needed a prop, and so I created this.

The beads in the band are silver metal, black glass, and snakeskin agate, strung on memory wire and held together via twists of black wire around a silver necklace I re-purposed as the arching upper part of the band. This necklace was among the things I got from my mother when she passed away this summer, so I was pleased to put it to use (as she had intended to do something similar with it herself).

The memory wire makes this crown look smaller than it is when not worn; in the fourth picture you can see how it can easily be stretched apart, and a length of chain and an S clasp in back allow the crown to be adjusted for size on the wearer. I am going to add some subtle, hidden padding in front to make it more comfortable. The centerpiece is held in place in part by the necklace and band going through its loops and in part by simple positioning; I used no extra wire to make it stand up straight. The centerpiece was designed originally to be a on a necklace, but I turned it upside down and made it the focal point of this crown.

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December 19, 2012
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